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Types of tobacco. Part 1

July 19, 2010

From the point of view of manufacturers pipe tobacco is divided into 2 main categories. In the first category enter English and Scotland brick tobaccos that ripen in pressed bricks and are released of sugar that is formed naturally in Virginia tobacco flue curing and in Turkish and Greece tobaccos.

Second category consists of tobaccos of American type in which are used various flavor additives. Danish and Holland Cavendish the base of which make tobacco from Maryland State are aged in pressed bricks and then mixed with independent tobacco leafs.


Burley is relatively young with wonderful aroma and, consequently, it is often used in aroma purposes. Burley grows in Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio. It differs with low content of sugar, it has a lot of nicotine and it molders slowly. Also Burley has rich, saturated nut flavor. Another tobacco of air during up, often used in various blends is Maryland tobacco.


Kentucky tobacco takes its name from American state with the same name. This tobacco dried up by the fire can be met in USA, Malawi, Tanzania, Italy, Poland and Indonesia. It has dark brown, close to black color and strong saturated flavor. Addition of small quantity of Kentucky in mixtures gives them special strength. Basically, Kentucky is grown by farmers that till 20-30 acre of ground. Land rotation is used by them in order not to deplete the land resources. Only 20-30 % of ground is seeded with tobacco every year. Time of cropping for this sort is the end of August.


Danish Cavendish is mixture of various tobaccos leafs such as Burley, Virginia and Maryland that were pressed in bricks for aging. Any tobacco that meets these requirements is called Cavendish. Cavendish bricks are cut into small cubes, but those in their turn into thin and thick flakes.


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