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Great Britain: Smoking ban gave negative results

July 5, 2010

Smoking ban in public places that entered into force on Great Britain territory June 1st, 2007 not just hasn't furthered the decrease but resulted to growth of cigarettes consumption.

According to results of 7000 smokers interrogation that was published December 16th, 2008, smoking ban in public places hasn't practically influenced the quantity of cigarettes smoked but among man in age category from 16 to 34 it has increased, at the average on one and half cigarettes a day.

Besides, in the country is registered growth of demand on tobacco articles, first of all, in places where the major part of population make people with not high income.

Many people who preach smoker's rights have hurried to declare that data that were presented prove inability of state policy in the area of healthy lifestyle of the society precaution. Besides, they affirm that if before smoker could allow himself to drop in a in the neighborhood bar to delight cigarette at a mug of ale, now people smoke at home, in front of children who turn into victim of passive smoking.

However, it is unlikely that these arguments will lead to ban cancellation. Ministry of Health representative Patricia Hewitt considers this ban effective and affirms that in the future it will lead to decrease of tobacco lovers. "It is huge path forward in the sphere of public health. It helps those who wants to quit smoking, to do it. In time it will safe thousands of lives" - declared she.


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