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Hollywood heroes quit smoking

October 12, 2007 Hollywood heroes quit smoking

In musical movie Dreamgirls, which appeared on a big screen last years, James Thunder Early (Eddie Murphy), soul star, smoked one cigarette after another. He was so irritated with carelessness of the waiter, who brought chicken sandwich with mayonnaise by mistake, that Thunder mashed cigarette stub into the dish.

Under the press of anti tobacco lobby, six biggest film Hollywood studios had to revise their attitude toward cigarette in movie. Opponents of smoking pressed for their idea to attach special rate to films with smokers, which influences restrictions for young people. Studios faced justifiable threat to lose considerable profit.

Hollywood is confronted with another problem, which are additional restrictions. Films, where there are weapons, drugs and other types of antisocial behavior, may be censored. The director of Dreamgirls movie, Bill Condon said that it is a terrible perspective, because movies should depict our reality, but censors urge them to remove typical details of our life.

Disputes about factor which influence young people who begin to smoke cigarettes are still in power. The famous research work of Dr. James Sargent from Dartmouth medical school proves the connection between watching film with smoking heroes and decision to smoke in real life. But Dr. Deborah Glick, the director of research from Californian University, considers that only those teens, who are already predisposed to smoking on account of other factors, begin to smoke after watching movie. Hollywood hastens to take RIGHT POSITION at any price.


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