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When begin to smoke?

October 1, 2007 When begin to smoke?

The head of the public health committee the democrat Joel Rivera submitted for consideration of the colleagues a draft bill, according to which New Yorkers will be able to buy all tobacco products and even smoking accessories only on reaching 21 years old. Now, they can do it beginning with 18.

In the list of goods, which are forbidden for sale to youth, are included cigarettes, cigars, tobacco, pipes and cigarette paper for rolls up. River asserts if his bill will be approved by colleagues and will be signed by mayor, it will reduce the amount of smokers among young people. According to the last data, the amount of young smokers reduced from 23% in 1997 to 11% in 2006. It is still unknown what will be the reaction of delegates on the bill, but the changes in cigarettes buying conditions may occur. For instance, in Nassau shire legislators forbade cigarettes sale for people younger than 19.

Rivera also has another legislative initiative. He stands up for the World Day without tobacco to be included into New York calendar. Besides, his bill offers sale of aromatized cigarettes, excluding menthol and clover cigarettes. R.J. Reynolds representatives claim that aromatized cigarettes are not intended to attract young people, just as aromatized vodka or beer is not intended for these aims too.


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