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Electronic cigarette and federal laws of USA

June 2, 2014

For Americans, electronic cigarettes lovers soon will have tense times. Till today in the country was no federal legislation about such tobacco products but in the nearest time all necessary powers with this regard will get FDA.

Though during the last few months' authorities of some biggest USA cities have shown legislative initiative "on places" and have sharply restricted rights of electronic cigarettes, however in total this life sphere was practically outside the legal environment.

Together with skilful advertisement it caused unprecedented growth of "electronic cigarettes" lovers what brings huge profits to Companies that manufacture devices for cartridge consumption with nicotine and that sell them.

But, as Margaret Hamburg informed - one of the managers of Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in the nearest future draft law that was prepared by employees of this agency will be passed for consideration to Congress, the Supreme legislative authority of USA.

As it appeared, draft law that was prepared last year has "stuck" for 5 months in USA President Administration, and more precisely in the Office of Management and Budget, the job of which is to determine possible consequences of introducing this law for national economy.

The main point of the draft law is simple: FDA offers to authorize them determination of harm level (or efficiency) of all brands of electronic cigarettes with issuance of decisions that have the force of the law.

In other words if official scientific researches will confirm harm of electronic cartridges with nicotine for human body in this case electronic cigarettes will be regulated the same way as usual cigarettes, will have the same bans and restrictions.

It can be supposed with certainty that after adoption of the draft law by Congress, one of first decisions of FDA will become ban on cartridges with fruit flavor that attracts children and girls-teenagers to electronic cigarettes.


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