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In USA Menthol cigarettes were declared more dangerous for health than usual

July 29, 2013

American officers from Food and Drug Administration have ganged up against menthol cigarettes, demanding to consider them more dangerous as compared to the usual. However, as of yet the question is not about restricting their sale, informs BBC. Though, in the nearest future should be held meetings regarding this.

The matter is as follows: Menthol cigarettes don't differ from others on toxicity level. But it is easier to become dependent of them and it is more difficult to refuse them. Menthol flavor itself that produces cooling and anesthetic effect (the throat is not irritated so much), makes cigarettes more attractive for smokers.

First time about advantages of menthol cigarettes ban was mentioned back in 2011. But tobacco industry representatives have insisted that menthol cigarettes should be considered as essentially another product. These are usual cigarettes.

In turn, some experts urge maximally quickly to introduce restrictions, as peoples' health depends on them. According to USA Ministry of Health statistics among white USA population that have vicious habit, Menthol cigarettes are smoked by approximately 25 % of people. But among dark skinned population - more tan 70 %.


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