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Being stressed Frenchmen drink and smoke too much

February 18, 2013

Research of Frenchmen health state has shown that majority of interrogation participants know what should be done to remain in good health and avoid premature death: not to smoke, have a good sleep, keep good psychological health, eat rationally and every week make physical exercises. However, Le Figaro marks, though Frenchmen theoretically are perfectly educated in questions of taking care of their health, their behavior often leaves a lot to be desired.

88 % of interrogated persons consider themselves healthy people. However research authors consider that just 27 % are actually in good shape and their health meets five criteria: normal weight, good sleep, no stress, no depressions, and no hard or chronic diseases. The matter is that 33 % of respondents suffer extra weight, 14 % - obesity, 41 % - stress, 37 % complain of bad sleep, 27 % have depression.

In addition, research has shown that 38 % drink alcohol in hazardous quantities, especially it concern people elder than 65 years (56 %) and youth (38 %), alcohol problems are common to women younger than 30 years. Majority (86 %) of interrogated persons reasonably consider that for health protection is necessary to refuse alcohol or drink it moderately. The same concerns tobacco: 26 % of Frenchmen smokes, the heavier smokers are people in the age of 25-45 years, although French people perfectly know that smoking is dangerous. The same situation is with physical exercises: 91 % admit their importance, but only 18 % practice.

In conclusion edition tells about research that has detected that these figures for civil servants differ from results of rest of population. So, 87.2 % of public institutions workers are satisfied with their health state, 42.9 % have never smoked and only 10 % confess excessive alcohol consumption against 38 % among the rest of population.


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